About Us

Our philosophy at Divine Canine Grooming Salon is to provide the best possible care for your pet in a professional and caring way.


Many grooming salons have large numbers of dogs constantly coming in and going out all day long. This means your precious pet will be in a doggy line up of 4 or more dogs at a time, leaving her cold and waiting in a cage after the bath until the dog before her is finished. This usually means she will be left at the salon for 3 or 4 hours. 


At Divine Canine, Shara will ensure that there will be no (or very limited) waiting time for your pet. It is very important to her that she only work on one dog at a time to give them the focus and attention they deserve! Most of our furry friends will be finished their grooming in as little as one to two hours. This is great news for the nervous or anxious dog that might otherwise be traumatized from the longer, more hectic alternative.




The Owner

Shara Wilton, owner and founder, received her first licensed certificate in dog training in June 2008, by successfully completing the PCTIA Accredited Professional Dog Trainers Program from Ben Kersen and the Wonderdogs training school. With this excellent foundation, Shara is able to apply the skills required to know and understand breed temperments, and apply them to her pet grooming expertise with great care and attention, a gentle but authoritative hand, and impecable precision.
Since that time she has worked continuously in the pet care industry, from grooming salons to boarding kennels until starting Divine Canine Grooming Salon. 

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